Apex NC ATV Powder Coating

ATV Powder Coating in Apex NC

We are the type of ATV riders who like to spend as much time on our machines as possible. As a result, our frame, sub-frame, and suspension components tend to see a lot of mud, sand, and dirt. As one might imagine, this can have a dramatic impact on the finish of these parts, not only aesthetically, but it can also cause premature wear. Paint has long been a first line of defense against wear and corrosion. However, paint can easily chip and fail over time. We take our ATV frames and suspension components to our Apex powdercoating facility where we apply a protective coating that will last for many years.

What is ATV Powder Coating?

ATV powder coating is a process in which metal ATV parts are coated with an electrostatically-charged plastic powder that is then baked on in a specialized oven. Powder coating for ATVs is not only durable, but it is easy to clean.

The Benefits of Powder Coating:

• Durable finish
• Choice of a multitude of colors
• Does not scratch
• Does not fade like paint
• Requires less maintenance

For us, powder coating for ATVs is well worth the time it takes to disassemble and clean parts, have our Apex powdercoating facility apply the powder coat, and re-install them.

So, if a fantastic looking and durable finish that will give you more time out on your ATV rather than replacing failed parts and/or cleaning them appeals to you, request a free estimate today.

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