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Improving the protection of the metal surfaces of your commercial equipment and items throughout the business has less to do with better paint than an improved process of application. Powder coating is a way of covering your metal that lasts a longer amount of time with fewer problems with degrading surfaces, chips, and scratches.

Why You Should Consider Safety Rail Powder Coating

The use of safety rails is one way to draw attention to potential hazards both inside and outside of a commercial business. It is one way to reduce both property damage from equipment hitting vital components to the building and injuries from trip and fall around obstructions and docks. A few reasons to consider safety rail powder coating are

• Yellow safety coating that will not chip and fade
• Protects the integrity of the metal railings
• Reduced maintenance

How Effective is Commercial Equipment Powder Coating?

Commercial equipment powder coating is a method of applying a protective material to any metal surface you wish to have protected from outdoor weathering and inside humidity. Without adequate protection, metal surfaces can begin to corrode or rust quickly. You can use our expert powder coating to protect lockers, Seating, handrails, equipment caging, equipment coverings, control panel boxes, and more.

Contact us to get a free estimate to provide durable and affordable powder coating for all of your commercial equipment. We are a local Apex powdercoating company that has years of experience and place high regard on customer satisfaction.

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