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If you are like most manufacturers, you probably want your finished products to look their best. Coating your product with the right colors is a good way to achieve this goal, and two common color-coating methods include painting and powder coating. Of the two, powder coating offers several important advantages that most common paints cannot replicate.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a material coating and sealing process. This process uses special powders to form long-lasting finishes on metals and other surfaces. While most paints and powder coatings include ingredients such as hardeners, pigments, and binders, powder coatings do not require the addition of solvents for their use.

What are Some Benefits of Powder Coating?

Compared to other types of material coverings, powder coating in Apex offers several distinct advantages that include:

  • Solvent Free: Many paints use chemical solvents to fluidize their ingredients. These solvents may begin to evaporate over time, and in the process, they can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be dangerous to health and wellness. Because powder coatings include no volatile chemicals in their mixtures, they produce no VOCs and are thus safer for consumers and for the powder coating manufacturer.
  • Fast Application: Many paints can take hours or even days to dry after application. In contrast, many powder coatings can be deposited and cured within an hour. Thus, a skilled powder coating manufacturer can process large amounts of merchandise relatively quickly.
  • Consistent Finishes: Some kinds of paints have a nasty habit of sagging or running when applied in thick layers. Unlike such paints, manufacturing powder coating can collect in thick layers that still produce smooth and even finishes.
  • Special Colors: At our firm, we can mix your choice of colored powders together to create unique and customized material and product coatings.

Here in our shop in the Apex North Carolina area, we offer our clients a wide variety of manufacturing powder coating related services that include chemical stripping, coating, and curing. While we are happy to take small jobs, we also have the ability to deal with large orders from bulk manufacturers. At our facility, we can powder coat a wide variety of materials with cutting-edge coatings that include TGIC polyesters, hybrids, epoxies, and urethanes. For immediate powder coating in Apex service and a no-obligation meeting with our coating experts, contact us today.

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