Apex NC Motorcycle Powder Coating

Looking to Have Your Motorcycle Components Powder Coated?

When we are out on roads and trails, we see a lot of bikes that prematurely show their age. Even the most well-maintained machine will start to look a little tired after just a few years. In Apex powder coating is the number one way we keep our machines from suffering this fate.

What makes powder coating such a strong surface is it is a plastic powder that is electrostatically bonded to metal and then baked on.

The first and best way we can ensure that your motorcycle will look as shiny and new as the day it rolled off the assembly line is our motorcycle frame powder coating. This is an investment of both time and money given the entire bike must be disassembled, however, old paint in unseen places and on welds will often fade, crack, and peel. This can result in parts corroding and failing long before their useful life. Powder coating solves this problem while also maintaining a new and shiny look that is easier to keep clean.

Our second recommendation is a gas tank powder coat. Arguably, the gas tank is the most prominent and visible part of a motorcycle. Tanks often get scratched by jacket zippers or scuffed and worn over time by knees. Gas tank powder coat makes for a beautiful far more durable finish that is easy to maintain.

Our Apex Powder Coating Pro Offers a Wide Range of Colors

So, if you care about the longevity of your bike as much as we do ours and you are interested in gas tank and motorcycle frame powder coating in a specific color, contact our Apex powder coating professional today.

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