Apex NC Building Pipes Powder Coating

Handrail and Safety Pipe Commercial Powder Coating

Staying on top of employee safety is a critical part of staying in business. Injuries and property damage can begin to cut into business revenue over the course of the year. A simple switch to commercial powder coating for surfaces like handrails and safety pipes are one way to reduce maintenance costs and potential damages.

Benefits of Powder Coating Handrails

Traditional paint coating for handrails might provide some protection for the metal surface, but powder coating handrails add a protective surface that is beneficial to the metal and employees. A few of the benefits of our powder coating services are

• Durable surface that needs less repainting
• Strong protection against rust and corrosion
• Better gripping ability for hands using the railing

Safety Pipe Powder Coating

Yellow safety poles are an important part of the landscape in the interior and exterior of industrial spaces. Any business that utilizes equipment that has to navigate tight or blind corners benefits from these bright reminders to exercise caution. Safety pipe powder coating will place a surface material that outlasts conventional painting methods. It will stand up to the test of time and will not chip when being dinged and scratched by equipment like forklifts and dollies. We provide the brilliant yellow and black design your employees are already familiar seeing.

Contact our powder coating experts and find out more about better and longer-lasting protection for your handrails and safety pipes right away. We offer affordable solutions for all types and sizes of commercial industries.

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