Cary NC Motorcycle Powder Coating

Powder Coating for Motorcycles

A motorcycle is a vehicle that allows you more mobility than a standard car or truck. You have the ability to get into areas that are too small for many other types of vehicles. Unfortunately, it is also more open to corrosion from dirt, mud, water, snow, insects, oil, and fuel. We can coat the metal surfaces with powder products that result in a tough surface that is resistant to these corrosive materials.

Motorcycle Frame Powder Coating

The frame of your motorcycle is one of the more important components that determine how long it will be in use. Although it seems smaller and less involved than a larger vehicle, there are areas of the frame surface that are difficult to reach with paint. Our expert motorcycle frame powder coating offers a solution that gives you an even coating of material that keeps your metal frame in great shape.

Motorcycle Gas Tank Powder Coat

The gas tank of your motorcycle is another component you want to stay in healthy condition. Fuel leaks from holes due to corrosion and rust are dangerous and will render your motorcycle unusable without repairs. Our motorcycle gas tank powder coat services will place your tank behind a durable barrier from moisture.

Keep Your Motorcycle Corrosion-Free and Strong

Reducing the incidences of repair and replacement of parts and frame on your motorcycle requires taking proactive steps to protect the metal. We will sandblast the old paint away and add the powder coating you need for real protection.

Call us for information about powder coating your motorcycle components today. We will work with you to come up with an affordable solution for ultimate protection.[/ezcol_3quarter]

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