Powder Coating & Media Blasting in Garner, NC

JC Powder Coating provides full service to the entire Triangle area. Our media blasting and powder coating services can improve the durability and appearance of your next automotive, construction, or restoration project.

We offer both powder coating and media blasting:

Powder coating: a surface coverage technique that uses fine particles fired at high speed in lieu of paint. Powder coating is durable, practical, and provides a brilliant color.

Media blasting: operating under the same principle as powder coating, media blasting uses an air gun and small particles to strip paint, remove rust and corrosion, and polish surfaces.

With so many potential applications for powder coating and media blasting, our expert guidance ensures you make the right decision. Our business in the Garner, NC area has only served to grow our capabilities and expertise.

What Do We Offer Garner Customers?

JC Powder Coating is proud to offer the following services to customers in Garner:

  • ATV Powder Coating: not only does powder coating protect your suspension from mud and rocks, the powerful color of powder coating can add a unique flair to your ATV.
  • Automotive/Car Parts Powder Coating: there’s a reason Porsche and BMW powder coat their high-performance brakes and wheels from the factory: the process adds remarkable durability and clean, consistent color.
  • Commercial Powder Coating: got a large-scale or fleet project for us? We’d love to help.
  • Furniture Powder Coating: whether you’re restoring antiques or protecting an investment, powder coating provides unparalleled protection for metallic and outdoor furniture.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Powder Coating: your machine parts, heavy equipment, and infrastructure need zero downtime and consistent durability. Powder coating provides stronger protection than paint, ensuring everything does its job.
  • Motorcycle Powder Coating: bikes leave their parts much more exposed to the elements. Powder coating lets you protect your ride and show it off at the same time.
  • Pipes/Handrails Powder Coating: these high-wear infrastructure components can be safety disasters if they aren’t maintained. Powder coating protects them and gives a brilliant, long-lasting look.
  • Media Blasting: an alternative to harsh chemicals, media blasting is ideal for your next restoration, polishing, or cleaning project. We offer a wide selection of media for both the toughest and gentlest jobs.

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