Garner NC ATV Powder Coating

ATV Powdercoating Services

We meet all of your Garner powdercoating needs with our professional equipment and expertise for any powder coating job. If you have an older ATV that is showing extra wear and tear and looks like it could use some TLC, our ATV powder coating comes to the rescue. You could paint it with traditional liquid paint, but that has its downfalls.

4 Top Benefits of Powder Coating ATVs

• More Durable
• More Scratch Resistant
• More Resistant to the Elements
• Tough, Tough, Tough

Our ATV powder coating does not chip and peel easily as many liquid paints do because powder coatings are tougher than other coatings. The process of powder coating is different from liquid painting mostly due to the curing process of the coating. The special design of powder coatings allows them to bond to the surface of the substrate by going through an oven; this process causes a chemical reaction to ensure a strong bond that will not break down easily. We use a professional process to prepare all items for the final coat in order to get the best finish possible when we powder coat ATVs.

Contact us for all your powdercoating needs whether you live in Garner or other areas the Triangle.

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