Garner NC Building Pipes Powder Coating

Commercial & Industrial Uses in Building Pipes & Handrails

We are here to take care of any commercial powder coating needs. We know the importance of having handrails and pipes that withstand the test of time through the natural elements and other harsh environments. We believe that the best way to coat and protect handrails and pipes for the long term is by powder coating handrails or applying a safety pipe powder coating.

Powder Coating Handrails

• Long-lasting
• Durable
• Tough, Tough, Tough

Handrails that undergo our professional powder coating treatment are meant to last for many, many years. They will be touched and handled on a daily basis which is why it is so important to apply a tough coating to them. Powder coatings are tougher than liquid coatings and resist chips and scratch much better than liquid coatings, even the toughest liquid coatings like urethane.

Safety Pipe Powder Coating

• Vibrant
• Durable
• Tough, Tough, Tough

We have the colors needed for any safety pipes. We not only ensure that your safety pipe colors meet all regulations, but we also make sure that they last a long time. Our professionals take extra care in all aspects of the project from preparation to the final coat.

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