Holly Springs NC Motorcycle Powder Coating

Motorcycle Frame Powdercoating Process

JC Powder Coating has a lot of great services for your motorcycle, frames, gas tanks, and many other components to add protection or a customized look. Call us today for an estimate and we’ll walk you through the process as noted below.

The first part of the process in getting your motorcycle frame powder coated would be to do a standard greasing of the part to be coated. The old finish is then removed either a sandblasting, plastic, or glass bead blasting type of process. Then, the part is dipped in a chemical solution to remove any contaminants from old cleanings. In a gas tank powder coating process, the gas tank will then be pre-baked in order to expel any gases on the metal pores.

The last step for motorcycle frame, gas tank, or any other component/part would be to simply apply the powder using an electrostatic gun. The metal part will become like a magnet due to the application of heat and energy. It will attract the powder and it will cling to it creating a very strong bond.

Finally, the last part of the process is to wait a certain period of time in order to allow the new powder and the new finish on the motorcycle to cure. JC Powder Coating has been helping motorcycle riders throughout Holly Springs create custom looks and provide added protection for these 2-wheeled machines. We are fully experienced with all of these steps and will make your motorcycle look new again and something unique!

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