Pittsboro NC Automotive Powder Coating

Powder Coating for Car Parts

The best finish to apply to parts and accessories in the automotive industry is powder coating. Our experts know the importance of a beautiful finished product when it comes to automobiles; that’s why they dedicate themselves to perfection on ever Pittsboro powder coating project.

Engine Powder Coating

• Heat Resistant
• Solvent Resistant
• Scratch Resistant

We know the importance of a heat, solvent, and scratch resistant coating on an engine. Engine powder coating is the best coating available for the harsh environment that an engine creates. The last thing we want are engines rusting out because they did not get coated properly. Our experts ensure that every engine gets properly coated and ready for the field.

Powder Coat Wheels

• Weather Resistant
• Endures Drastic Weather Fluctuations
• Scratch Resistant

Just as the engine puts a coating through a grueling environment, the wheels do as well. They endure all of the elements that nature throws at them including rain, snow, sleet and drastic temperature changes. We want to make sure that your wheels get the protection that they demand so let our experts take on your next powder coat wheels project.

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