Pittsboro NC Commercial Powder Coating

Powdercoating Services for Businesses

Keeping your equipment in good working condition is an important way to meet all business commitments. Powder coating all of your critical metal surfaces is a sure way to take greater care of your equipment.

Commercial Equipment Powder Coating for Metal Surface Protection

Commercial equipment that is stationed indoors or outdoors requires a regular maintenance routine to guard against breakdown. The exterior surfaces of the metal with equipment should be kept in clean, non-corroded shape, which is dependent on having the right coating product. Commercial equipment powder coating goes above and beyond the protections offered by standard paint products. You will be pleased with the extended use of your equipment and how great our powder coating results look.

Reducing Injury Risk Using Safety Rail Powder Coating

The importance of safety railing for stairwells, docks, and other areas that harbor risks of potential falls are what make them a necessary feature in many commercial property settings. Keeping these surfaces painted might seem sufficient at the time, but the paint is subject to chipping, cracking, and fading. We offer safety rail powder coating that will withstand years of use and continue providing optimal safety. You and your employees can feel confident that each railing provides sturdy and steady grip and is easy to identify, even in low-light situations.

Contact us and schedule an appointment for our Pittsboro powdercoating company specialists to come to your location and assess your commercial metal surface coating needs. We will help bring you affordable solutions to help protect all of your equipment, railings, and other metal surfaces.

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