Pittsboro NC Motorcycle Powder Coating

Looking to Have Your Motorcycle Components Powder Coated?

We apply powder coatings to anything that needs to look great but also have extra strength and durability including motorcycles. Our experts take great care in every project that they undertake. They also know the importance of a quality Pittsboro powder coating job done right when it comes to motorcycle parts and accessories.

Motorcycle Frame Powder Coating

• Rust Resistant
• Scratch Resistant

The frame is the foundation of the bike, so do not compromise it with inferior workmanship. If the frame fails, the whole bike fails. The best way to ensure that the motorcycle frame lasts is to coat it with motorcycle frame powder coating. It resists scratches which is especially important when performing maintenance on the bike. It also resists rust which is an important factor in holding up the integrity of the frame.

Gas Tank Powder Coat

• Solvent Resistant
• Rust Resistant
• Scratch Resistant

The gas tank is another area of the bike that you cannot compromise with inferior workmanship. The tank must hold up to gasoline on a daily basis; gas tank powder coat is the best coating to apply to gas tanks for solvent resistance. Our powder coatings offer rust and scratch resistance that helps to ensure the integrity of the tank.

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