Sanford NC ATV Powder Coating

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Do you want the parts and accessories for your ATV to last? Then you need to have the toughest scratch resistant coating applied to them. ATV powder coating is the best way to coat ATV’s and ATV parts. Our experts take great care to ensure every Sanford powdercoating piece is of professional quality.

ATV Powder Coating has a Factory Finish Look

• Beautiful
• Long-lasting

No other finish offers the smooth and flawless look that powder coating finishes offer. It is very difficult to achieve the same flawless look with liquid coating systems. If you do achieve the flawless look, the colors will not typically last as long as powder coatings.

Powder Coating for ATVs is Extra Durable

• Chip Resistant
• Scratch Resistant
• Tough, Tough, Tough

A powder coating for ATVs is a very tough and durable coating that holds up under strenuous situations. The chemical reaction that powder coatings endure in the curing process makes them more scratch and chip resistant than other coatings. This is important, because scratches and chips promote rust, and rust compromises the equipment.

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