Sanford NC Automotive Powder Coating

Interested in Having Your Engine Bay or Wheels Powder Coated?

We specialize in automotive parts and wheels and should be your number one choice for all of your car part powder coating needs. Having acquired a vast knowledge and experience, in relation to engine powder coating, we guarantee a new look to your engine that many will envy. Moreover, our shop is located near Sanford with a professional applicator who is highly motivated to making each client happy with the end product.

Powder Coating for Car Parts

  • Aesthetic – powder coating wheels makes your car have a unique look that is attractive to the eye, and most importantly, the color of your choice.
  • Protection – engine powder coating is essential to the protection of your engine block against agents of corrosion.
  • As compared to many other types of coating powder coating wheels and engine powder coating has a long lasting effect when compared to other conventional methods, which easily ware out.
  • Speed – At Sanford NC Automotive Powder Coating, we understand how valuable time is to our clients. As a result, we are geared towards getting your equipment up and running within the shortest period possible, by utilizing Sanford powder coat wheels, which dries relatively fast when compared to liquid painting.
  • Cost effective – powder coating is a relatively cheaper method of coating as opposed to liquid painting.

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