Sanford NC Commercial Powder Coating

Powdercoating Solutions for Businesses, Manufacturers, and Industry Buildings

Powder coating is one of the newest surfacing techniques. It involves applying dry paint. It is important to remember that safety rail powder coating is different from conventional liquid paint. Commercial equipment powder coating does not need a solvent. Commercial equipment powder coating is cured with heat after it is applied to the part.

Benefits of Safety Rail Powder Coating

  • Safer for the environment because it does not have any volatile organic compounds.
  • Can be applied on a variety of surfaces.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Looks great with a wide array of colors to choose from
  • Very durable and it can last for several years.
  • Production of powder coating produces less waste than conventional paint.
  • Produces less air pollution.
  • Less likely to cause a fire than conventional paint because it does not have a solvent.

If you are interested in getting powder coating, then you will need to contact a Sanford powdercoating company. Our Sanford powdercoating company can give you a free estimate.

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