Sanford NC Motorcycle Powder Coating

Need to Powder Coat Motorcycle Parts?

Our experts know how to expertly powder cycle motorcycle frames and parts. There is no other coating out there that protects and lasts the way that the powder coating does. JC Powder Coating takes a professional approach from the way they prepare substrates, to the way they spray the coating on.

Motorcycle Frame Powder Coating

• Rust Resistance
• Awesome Protection
• Long-Lasting

We take care to properly prepare the frame with the proper sandblasting techniques that help to ensure that the final product will be beautiful every time. The frame is one of the most important parts of the bike; a motorcycle frame powder coating protects the frame from scratching or chipping allowing it to offer more rust resistance.

Similar to the frame, the gas tank is also one of the most important parts of the bike. We know the importance of a well protected, rust-resistant gas tank and that is why we recommend applying a gas tank powder coat. Other coatings will protect it in the short term, but only powder coatings offer the long-lasting protection that gas tanks demand.

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